2dFGRS Final Release Database

  • Database Documentation:

    • Description - a detailed description of the 2dFGRS database, including examples of use and descriptions of all keywords.

    • Installation instructions - how to install the stand-alone version of the 2dFGRS mSQL database on a Linux machine.

    • SQL tutorial - learn about the mSQL database and how to construct SQL (structured query language) queries.

    • MiniSQL manual - full documentation for the Mini SQL (mSQL) database and query language.

  • Database Access:

    • Notes and hints - important information for the effective use of the mSQL database.

    • Query Database - the main interface to the database; submit an mSQL query, return an HTML table or the URL of a results file, display images and spectra for selected objects, list database parameter names.

    • Match Catalogues - match another catalogue with the 2dFGRS catalogue and obtain a list of the matched 2dFGRS objects; use the returned list as input to the Find By Name interface to obtain more information on the matched objects.

    • Find By Name - provide a list of 2dFGRS object names and submit a query limited to the named objects.

    • Search Field - find all objects within a given search radius, and submit an mSQL query on the objects found.

Matthew Colless, colless@aao.gov.au, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 122nd access