2dFGRS Final Data Release
Additions and Changes

The following are the main additions and changes to the survey database between the 100k Release of 30 June 2001 and the Final Release of 30 June 2003:

  • Input source catalogue: The input source catalogue has been cleaned up by removing the superfluous 'supplementary' sources (additional sources fainter than the spectroscopic survey limit) that were included in the 100k release, and deleting 6224 artifacts identified by visual examination of the postage stamp images - see the database description. The final source catalogue consists of 382323 objects.

  • Additional photometry: In addition to the original APM bJ photometric parameters for each source, there are now also SuperCosmos bJ and rF photometric parameters - the new parameters are listed in the database description. The WWW database offers postage stamp images from APM and both SuperCosmos bands (only the APM images are available on the DVDs).

  • Photometric calibration: The photometric calibration of the 2dFGRS source catalogue has been further refined since the 100k release through comparisons with both SuperCosmos and SDSS - see this summary of the calibrations.

  • Additional spectroscopy: The main change since the 100k release is that there are now spectroscopic observations and parameters for 245591 sources, and reliable (quality>=3) redshifts for 221414 galaxies - see this status summary for further details.

  • Masks and selection code: The survey masks have been updated for the final sample, and now fully implement the procedures described in Colless et al. (2001) and Norberg et al. (2002). A new code is available for selecting various types of subsamples, and for generating corresponding mock, unclustered catalogues.

  • Publications: There are now many publications giving the major results from the 2dFGRS - see the publication list for details.

  • Images and movies: A large number of images (and some movies) showing the survey and the main science results, along with some movies, are available here.

Matthew Colless, colless@aao.gov.au, Fri 7 Jul 2006, 62nd access