2dFGRS Data Release Revisions

Final Release: The following are the revisions made to the 2dFGRS Final Release systems and data since the DVD version was created.

  • Release Date
    • The 2dFGRS Final Release was made public on 30 June 2003.

  • Selection code
    • The survey mask selection code and data files were revised after the DVD version of the release was created. Download the revised version of select_release.tar.gz on these WWW pages to replace the version on the DVD.

Errata: The following have been discoverd after the production of the DVD set

  • Libraries
    • The software was linked against relocatable libraries instead of static libraries. In order to run the database you will need to edit (as root) /etc/ld.so.conf to include the line /home/TDFgg/lib and then run /sbin/ldconfig. The libraries are on the DVD set and should have been installed in /home/TDFgg/lib They can also can be downloaded from libraries
  • Installing the FITS Database
    • There may be some fits files that were inproperly named (.fi.gz instead of .fits.gz). These will not have unzipped by running the provided script. You will need to edit the script appropriately to deal with these fits files and run the edited script. The script that installs the FITS files may have a bug. When this has been investigated further information will be provided.
  • Return of Query Information by FTP
    • The code that returns query information via FTP may need a bug fix. When this has been investigated, further information will be provided.
  • FITS Files
    • We have reports of FITS files that will not unzip, missing files, and a broken directory. You can obtain replacement files here.

Other Operating Systems The software on the DVD set runs under Linux Red Hat 6.2

  • Recompilation of mSQL
    • If you want to change the home directory from /home/TDFgg you will need to recompile the mSQL binaries. Here is the mSQL source. The source has been edited in order to increase the number of columns in the data tables.
  • Rebuilding the mSQL Database
    • If you use a different operating system, you may need to recompile mSQL and reconstruct the entire mSQL database. The files to do this are here.

100k Release: For completeness, the following were the revisions made to the 2dFGRS 100k Release systems and data after the 100k CDROM version was created.

  • Release Date
    • The 2dFGRS 100k Release was made public on 30 June 2001.

  • Query Database
    • The mSQL database is shutdown everyday at 0630 local time (2030 UT) while the scratch areas are cleared down. Any queries being performed at this time will be killed and results from earlier queries deleted.
    • Problems where large queries return no data arise when a large total number of fields are being returned. The problem can be avoided by either: 1) requesting only the fields/sources you are really interested in, or 2) if you must query a significant fraction of the entire database of 467214 sources, break the query into 4 by limiting the serial number range: i.e. use WHERE serial>0 AND serial <=100000 and then make the query again with serial>100000 AND serial <=200000 etc.

  • Photometric catalogues
    • Input photometric catalogues have corrected description of the parameter JON.

  • Spectroscopic catalogues
    • all.observations.idz and best.observations.idz files have been updated to correct all redshift values to be real. Previous version (CD) had some integer zero values.
    • best.observations.idz file has been updated to ensure best spectra details are listed for every source.

Bruce Peterson, peterson@mso.anu.edu.au, Wed 26 Nov 2003, 1038th access